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14 Tips From Graphic Designer Expert You Should Know

A graphic designer is one who satisfies the eye. A designer portrays the idea in a story. When Something comes into a designer’s mind, it will connect with people. Being a designer it’s fun to tell a story in a creative way using colours, texture, fonts, and all graphic elements. Every design is a different masterpiece of art.  Graphic designers give freehand, you can create ideas at your own choices, to be a creative designer build your own style.


In this article, I collect all the expert graphic designer tips and bring their unique experiences.  Here are some tips that every graphic designer should know.


1. Use limited numbers of fonts


This one is the most powerful tip according to the graphic designer expert. They said used different fonts in a single design, but don’t design too overly.

Assure yourself that the font perfectly fit the design and use a limited number of fonts. You can practice the fonts and play with tools and elements of the software you have already. Even more, you can download reputable fonts from websites.


2. Set the size and height of text to be fixed in the design


You can always do fun with text overlaid images. You can reduce or add the line- height and spacing of letters to build a Box effect. Always remember line-height has been reduced significantly, and size was increased exponentially.


3. Make use of contrasting fonts


Designing means conveying someone’s instruction by drawing exactly.  Use bold sanserif font along with cursive romantic font to display the testing mood towards the people. Belittle creative utilize the contrasting font to make the attractive text mood to engage peoples.


4. Without any fear choose big


Probably eyes automatically click on big objects. so, without getting afraid use big rules and objects. Selecting elements for design purposes, keep in mind big objects attract greater attention as compared to little objects.  Using multiple elements principal object will be larger than the other.

Certainly, from the viewer’s eyes, you will be seen making larger two objects.


5. Track the Text


By tracking the text, you can give personal space to each letter.  Letter spacing and kerning typography is a big deal, it really matters in making or breaking the design. someday some fonts by default had to get odd or wired spacing but it will be great if you handle all issues.


Adding or reducing letter-spacing relay on condition. The best way to deal with the situation put effort until the latter spacing will do not come in a perfect format.


6. Design with Contrasting Colors


Opposites always attract, contrasting fonts look superb. It attracts the eyes and graphic design attention even more making the statement weightage. The entire graphic design becomes impressive.


7. Try to add white Space when


At that time, you when can’t add tons of colours, elements, or fonts to get your message across. Sometimes, you don’t need to add many colours, elements, or fonts to convey your message. I was talking to a designer, and he said to use white space whenever possible. When you use white space, you are avoiding your message getting lost in the chaos and noise of your design. White space is elegant, simple but sophisticated at the same time beautiful.


8. Consistency is key for best design


Your design should be Consistent to hook the viewer on your design.  Consistency includes all different kinds of elements in your design to work well. Consistency steals people’s interests. To keep the consistency in colours, use palettes, typography size, spacing and placing in your design.  The consistent design makes the client happy!


9. Flat Design is best


Use flat designs to save your time, otherwise, you must work endless nights and hours to create stunning designs using intricate 3D elements. Flat design is a blessing. A great thing about flat design is that it has become more and more popular in recent years, which is great news for beginners and modern designers.


10.Text Will Be in A Perfect Structure


Take advantage of the alignment tool available in the software that you have. It’s the best tip given by an expert graphic designer. While adding text to your graphic designing alignment process is necessary with another element. Text aligning not only enhance the structure of your graphic design, even give more readability to the viewer.  Keep remember text bar would be minimal due to the attention viewers can span.


11.Use Of Icons


Using icons can grab the attention of a viewer anytime. I will be Icons should not be limited to popular logos such as Twitter or Instagram.  Any kind of icon can be used to catch people’s attention. However, make your own simple B & w or bright coloured icons.


As possible as to make flat design or 3d. Combine into your design to add the aesthetic look to your design and improve the viewer’s experience but engage with the best graphic design.


12. Employ a Color Palette


Colour consistency is necessary and for this utilize a colour palette in the whole design. It will give appealing look to the viewer. Even there is nothing to do with design, for the simple fact that it is beautiful to look at. So, the basic idea here is basically people, for the love of good graphic design, use a colour palette.


13.Build a visual hierarchy


It’s a vital step in graphic designing. The hierarchy gives a clear layout to the viewers to understand the clear vision they want to portray. It is essential to span the maximum attention almost in eight seconds.


14.Fixing the image & its background


Adjust image and background levels to highlight text. When graphic design is blurred then putting text on that picture will be not read as well as look wired. However, the text on top of the image will be clear and readable.


From this article, you will learn expert designer fourteen tips. whenever working with a team Collaborating with other senior-level designers these tips will guide you.  Implement the above tips and experience and see how designing becomes easy and efficient.