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We strive toward satisfying partnerships, tailoring thus every aspect of the design process to your business needs through the creation of a captivating logo that distinguishes you from your competition. On the other hand, what sets us apart in our industry is precisely that commitment to delivering exceptional designs and bringing clients’ logo aspirations to life. Elevating your business elevates our motivation to keep doing what we do best.

  • Transparent partnerships guarantee a human agreement on any issue
  • Client-centered approach ensures your needs are regarded as a top priority
  • Completely unique logos distinguish you from the rest of the rivals
  • Innovative team of experts turns all of the above into reality

Take a look at our custom logo designs crafted with care and tailored to our clients' vision

Long experience in logo crafting and presence in the market allowed us to gather invaluable insights into this field and uncover the essence of creative custom logo designs.

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Affordable logo design services whose value far surpasses their price

We offer wallet-friendly logo packages that will exceed your expectations.

Check Out Which Logo Type Best Emobides Your Remarkable Brand

A great logo should aptly capture your brand's personality. Be mindful of the selection of the right logo type in order to achieve this. Your job is to let us get to know you – our job is to use that knowledge to bring your vision to life. This collaboration leads to the perfect logo that truly represents your uniqueness and the type of your business.

Abstract Logo

Abstract logos serve as powerful catalysts for igniting the imagination of your audience. This makes abstract logotype a remarkable tool for making you unique on the market. However, it's important to note that the abstract logo may not be equally effective across all industries. Depending on your particular audience, this logotype might amaze them or confuse them. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully decide whether this logotype is suitable for your brand and business.

Emblem Logo

The emblem logotype represents a harmonious blend of nostalgia and allure, giving your brand a traditional feel. Enriched with details and designed to exude grandeur, they make your business official and professional. Our skilled designers specialize in creating custom emblem logos for both small and large businesses.


A word is sometimes worth a thousand pictures. Yes, we know that the saying goes the other way around, but the wordmark logo and its continuous presence in the market prove this is the case for some businesses. A powerful name goes a long way and is sometimes more than enough, so this logotype created professionally by our logo design agency might be a simple, yet powerful option for you.

Mascot Logo

Mascot logos are fun and relatable images that represent your business’s values and culture. Our team specializes in creating high-quality mascot logo that imprints your brand firmly in the minds of your audience. Our talented designers excel at capturing the essence of your business through vibrant characters, such as cartoon characters, animals, robots, or people. With a mascot logo, you can easily connect with your audience, enhance your recognition, and make your business stand out in the market.

2D/3D Logo

An impressive representation of your business is crucial for captivating your customers. Our logo design company excels at creating visually stunning 2D/3D logos that flawlessly embody your brand values. This logo type enables you to leave a multidimensional and impactful imprint that resonates with your audience.


Our logo design agency specializes in crafting a custom illustrative logo that ignites symbolism and imagination within the minds of your audience. These logos often showcase vibrant images of people or animals, creating a visual language that resonates deeply. With our creative approach, we ensure that your visionary brand stands out and leaves a lasting impression through unique and captivating illustrative logos.

Logo design services encompassing diverse industries

With our extensive experience, our logo design company excels in finding common ground with diverse clients, enabling us to deliver satisfactory solutions for a wide range of industries. You can trust us to adapt and provide a logo that resonates with your business, ensuring a successful and satisfying outcome for your brand.

Our team of skilled designers is passionate about creating impactful designs that capture the essence of your company. We offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs, whether you're a startup in need of a fresh logo or an established organization looking to refresh your visual representation. You can trust us to deliver an exceptional logo that not only aligns with your vision but also stands out in a crowded market.

IT Services Logo Design

We create innovative tech logos that capture the essence of IT services, providing businesses with visually compelling brand identities that reflect their expertise and professionalism in the ever-evolving world of technology.

Interior Design Company Logo

We proved capable of providing a professional and aesthetically pleasing logo that carries the power to visually represent the expertise of an interior design company.

Consulting Services Logo

A logo for consulting services created by us effectively portrays guidance and strategic problem-solving. We understand the importance of communicating these values to your customers.

Travel Agency Logo

We are able to design a captivating logo that evokes wanderlust and adventure, inspiring travel agencies' customers to explore their offers.

Health Service Logo

A health services logo done by Sunnyadi Studio designers showed to exude a sense of trust and professionalism, instilling confidence in patients and reflecting the commitment to their well-being and care.

Auto Service Logo

We can design an auto service logo that revs up the excitement of car enthusiasts, reflecting a deep commitment to ensuring the vehicle's optimal performance and reliability.

Cleaning Services Logo

The pristine logos we crafted for cleaning services showcase efficiency and precision, reflecting your business’ commitment to delivering impeccable results.

Accounting Services Logo Design

Accounting services logos that convey trustworthy financial expertise are easily crafted by our logo design agency.

Courier Services Logo

A dynamic logo for courier services showcasing your fast and reliable delivery solutions always comes to us as a welcomed challenge.

Food Services Logo Design

Someone is always hungry so food services needn't worry too much about their logo, but it never hurt to get a professional logo design service that captures the deliciousness of your special culinary offerings from us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the necessary inputs for designing a company logo?

Several key inputs are typically required to create a company logo and help designers understand and capture the essence of your company’s brand identity. You need to provide us with your company information, which includes its name, industry, slogan, target audience, and the types of products or services your business offers.

Furthermore, we have to get to know you better, meaning you need to provide us with information on your brand values, mission, and vision that defines your company. This is necessary for the design team to be able to include your personality traits in the logo and decide whether it should appear professional, sophisticated, innovative, or playful.

It is always desirable that you inform us about your logo preferences so that we get to the result you have in mind faster, which can include your color preferences, symbols, fonts, and visuals that inspire you or align with your vision for your business. Of course, if you lack ideas in this sense, our designers will be happy to direct your thinking.

The intended usage and application of the logo are needed inputs as they determine the logo type and scalability. Whether the logo will primarily be used online, in print materials, or on signage impacts its design considerations and ensures its effectiveness across different mediums.

Last but not least, your desired timeframe for logo delivery and your budget range will enable us to manage your expectations and deliver a solution within the given parameters.

What does our logo design company's solution process look like?

Our logo design company follows a comprehensive solution process to ensure exceptional results. The typical logo design process we follow involves the discovery of your needs, the part where we get to know your company’s personality and target audience, an essential first step that guides our further logo design process according to your business and needs.

Based on these insights, designers create two (or more, if you opt for an offer with more designs) different initial logo concepts trying their best to capture the essence of your brand and reflect the design direction we agreed on.

The next step, especially important to us, is your feedback. Open communication and exchange of ideas is something we strive towards with our clients, so we refine the initial design concept you preferred based on your comments and suggestions. Your ultimate satisfaction requires that we work together and align our ideas.

After we do the desired design refinement and select the color schemes, typography, and overall visual aesthetics, we present you with the realization of your vision.

If you are satisfied with the logo design, we finalize the artwork and provide you with the necessary file formats and variations, ensuring its versatility for different platforms. We then deliver you the completed logo package including all the relevant files.

Effective communications, transparency, and collaboration are crucial to us throughout the whole process.

How many variations and changes are included in the price?

We understand the importance of providing flexibility in logo design services. For each project, we offer three additional modifications to our initial proposal, ensuring that we can fine-tune the designs according to your preferences.

To give you even more options, we have three different packages available with varying numbers of initial concept proposals. The abovementioned standard package starts at $699 and includes 2 initial concept proposals, along with the three additional modifications.

If you’re looking for more choices right from the start, our second package offers 3 initial logo proposals, plus the three additional modifications, for a price of $799. For those who desire even greater variety, the third package we offer provides 5 logo proposals, also with 3 additional modifications, for $899.

Additionally, we offer a comprehensive corporate identity design package. This package includes proposals for the logo, business card, memo, and envelope – a complete branding service for any business – for a price of $899.

We strive to provide you with the flexibility and options necessary to create a logo that perfectly represents your brand.

What kind of output is delivered with the package, and which extensions are exported to it?

Once you are satisfied with the final look of the logo, our package offers a comprehensive set of extensions to meet your needs:

  • Color logo/logotype: We provide the logo/logotype in its original color scheme, ensuring that your business’s visual identity is accurately represented.
  • Monochromatic print-friendly logo/logotype: A simplified version of the logo/logotype specifically designed for print purposes, maintaining clarity and legibility.
  • Small-scale logo/logotype: We create a version of the logo/logotype optimized for smaller applications, such as social media profiles or icons, ensuring maximum impact even at reduced sizes.
  • Logo/logotype in vector formats: You will receive the logo/logotype in vector formats such as AI and PDF. These formats preserve the quality and scalability of the image, allowing you to use it for various purposes like print materials, promotional designs, engraving, laser printing, and more.
  • Logo/logotype in web format: We also provide the logo/logotype in a web-friendly format, specifically PNG. This ensures compatibility with websites, online platforms, and digital applications while maintaining the visual integrity of your brand.

With this comprehensive range of extensions, you can confidently utilize your logo across different media and platforms, ensuring a consistent and professional representation of your identity.

Do you provide the service of creating a complete book of graphic standards?

Absolutely! We offer the service of creating a comprehensive brand book for our clients. A brand book encompasses the essential elements necessary for maintaining visual consistency, but we understand that each company has its own unique graphic requirements that we are dedicated to accommodating.

As a professional logo company, we place a strong emphasis on collaboration. We work closely with our clients to precisely define the specific graphic elements they wish to be included in their book. By understanding their vision and preferences, we can create a tailored proposal that not only meets their expectations but also aligns with their brand’s identity.

Our team of experts will guide you through the process, ensuring that your brand book captures the essence of your business and sets clear guidelines for its visual representation. From logo usage and color palettes to typography and imagery styles, we cover all the necessary elements to maintain a cohesive and impactful brand presence.

With our logo design agency’s attention to detail and dedication to client satisfaction, we will create a complete book of graphic standards that helps you establish a strong and recognizable visual identity for your business.

Testimonials from clients who entrusted their branding needs to our logo design company

  • “Despite our slow responses, Sunnyadi Studio was very patient and professional. By proactively involving the client from conception to implementation, Sunnyadi Studio was able to finalize a website and logo design that resonated with the group of companies it was intended for. The team led a well-guided website development process and provided valuable design and hosting advice.”Andreas Nuelati, Systems Engineer & Administrator, Contec Cro
  • “Anything that I’ve asked for, they’ve done very professionally and very well. Sunnyadi Studio delivered an award-winning website and a logo that has become very well-known. The team is a supportive and accessible partner who delivers as requested and as promised.” Public Figure, Bogota, Colombia

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Your logo reflects your entire business’s image and culture. It is a message you send loud and clear. It is a marking you should be proud of because it represents your entire business in a nutshell. The logo should be unique, just like your company is. Therefore, let our graphic designers create the best logo for your brand and prepare to be amazed. We will give our best to design the logo you always dreamed of!

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