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What makes Ux design different from UI

We all are surrounded too beautiful designs; every day new techniques and trends are introducing.  As frontend development is increasing more and more developers are engaging towards UI & UX.


Well both UI & UX designs put on pedestal. Beginners must understand the difference between of them. A good user interface doesn’t need to explain, if the need to explain then your user interface is failed.


UI Is About How Thinks Will Look


UI has interacted with application’s graphical layout. UI fundamental Application graphical layout in which screen layout, buttons, micro- interactions, and transitions are included it.


Formats of Graphical user interface:


Voice control Interface


VUI design main purpose is to interact between user and system using voice such as smart assistants like Bixby Samsung mobile device.


Graphical User Interface


In this format GUI format phase how, user will collaborate with visuals and digital control panel of system.


Gesture-based Interface


This interface is used in virtual reality (VR) even at other gesture- based design scenarios, which interact with engagement of users along within 3D spaces.


Characteristics that make Good UI design


To create a good UI design, you have fully concentrated on task accomplishing of user with in less time. Completing tasks within a given period is flawless experience.


UI would give enjoyable, satisfactory, and non-irritating.


The UI design is relevant or define brand worth.


UX design is about How things will work


(UX) user experience design is responsible to operate with system. Logical navigation and smooth sensitive experience come under UX design. Simply this design led user to positive experience.


UX Design Methods


Interactive Design


This process make user able to complete their task with feasibility via providing interactive components of systems for example transitions, animation, buttons, etc.


User research


In user research step includes vast research, gathering feedback and ideas from new or existing customers, insight the needs of end users even design making decisions depend on these parameters.


Structure of Information


It revolves around the organizational information and content which is the necessity of user to accomplish the task. It allows UX designer to understand the relationship between variant sets of content and present it in understandable way.


Good UX design Need


The product should be easy to use, logical and self-explanatory.


Product would be able to solve user issues authentically


Product is reachable and worthful for vast range of peoples.


Products have impressive impact on its user, by providing appealing experience.


Cognitive Biases


Great UX designers need to be aware of the cognitive bias we all have, as it can affect the interaction between user and interface. Many marketing strategies are based on these biases:


What’s the main difference UI and UX design?


UI and UX designs have often been used interchangeably.


Although the final product requires considerable input from both design methods, the design process for UI and UX is very different.


UX design is mostly about the whole journey of solving the user problem.


UI design, on the other hand, focuses on how the product looks and feels when the problem is solved.


Some main differences are:


Mainly concentrated on


The focus of UI designers is to deal with the quality and visuals of the final product and to use hi-fi models as prototypes. UX designers pay more attention to the purpose and functionality of the final product and pay more attention to logic. In addition, UI designers deal with the technical features of product design, while UX designers focus on project management and project analysis.


Use of color


UX designers create prototypes in black, white, or grey, but UI designers create prototypes in full color.




For collaborative picture design, UI designers use technologies like Sketch, Flinto, Principle, and In Vision. Wireframe-based prototype tools are used by UX designers.


Designing component


Because it is tied to what the end user sees, hears, and feels, UI designers must integrate an artistic component in their design. Because it is necessary to understand what a user wants to experience in the product, UX design includes a h2er social component.


Great UI Designer Skills


To become a perfect UI designer, develop following skillsWorking in agile groups


Making user flows, wireframes, and prototypes, among other things.


Tools for visualizing data include In Vision, Sketch, Photoshop, Figma, and others. Check out our research in this article for more information on which tool to use: Sketch vs. In Vision vs. Figma vs. PhotoshopHTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript are examples of frontend programming languages.


From conception to final hand-off, executing visual design stages.


Designing and implementing creative visual ideas for products in collaboration with UX designers, developers, QA, and product managers.


Using design to communicate the company’s logo and style to users.


Using customer insight and research to create the product’s look and feel.


Managing a product’s responsiveness, interaction, and animation while ensuring that it is adaptable to all screen sizes.


Great UX Designer Skills


For best UX Designer skill you need to gain these Skills.


Do work in agile group.


Insight of UX process


Able to use Adobe creative suite, InVision, Axure sketch prototyping tool.


Capacity to solve issues, and curios about design pattern, technology, people & life design.


Deal with stake holder & client interaction.


UX /UI Designer working together


While UI and UX design demand quite distinct skill sets, they are both critical components that must work together to provide the optimal user experience.


Without a good UX design, a beautiful UI design can become clumsy and complicated to navigate. On the other side, a product’s user experience can be excellent, but it’s worthless without a pleasing user interface.


Understanding the user’s demands should be the first step in any frontend development and design process. To understand what the ultimate product should be able to do, how it should feel, and how it should look, UX and UI designers should collaborate with other developers, managers, and product owners.


The flow of activities that take place when a user must address a problem, UX designers are usually involved in the early stages of a product design. This entails both analytic and project management tasks.


A UI designer next builds on the aesthetics and interactions supplied by the UX designer using the models provided.


Given this, it’s safe to say that UX and UI are inextricably linked. While it is possible for the same person to perform both tasks, one design concept cannot exist without the other.


Well, for User Interface and User Experience design both require an understanding of what users need.

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