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X (Twitter) Rolls Out New Feature of “Highlights” For Paid Users

X, formerly known as Twitter, has added a new “Highlights” tab, allowing premium users to display some of their contributions.


The social network includes information about featured features on its Blue/X Premium support website. “Make your best posts stand out by highlighting them and they will appear in a dedicated tab on your profile,” the feature description reads.


According to X, some subscribers have been noticing the new ‘Highlights’ tab for the past few days. However, according to the updated support website, the corporation is now making the option available to all premium users.


Users of the platform already have the option to “pin” a tweet to their profile so viewers can see it first. But until now, it wasn’t possible to fit information into many tweets. The ‘Highlights’ tab can be helpful for a writer to highlight their most loved pieces or for an artist to highlight their creative output.


By tapping on the post’s three-dot menu and selecting the “Add/Remove from Highlights” option, subscribers can add any posts to the Highlights page.


The business made TweetDeck a subscriber-only tool in addition to a new highlights page in an effort to entice more users to pay for its premium service.


The firm is experimenting with several growth techniques, including serving community postings on an algorithmic “for you” timeline and offering subscribers a share of ad revenue. This week, X made a more controversial change by briefly delaying the opening of links to The New York Times, Threads, and Bluesky. It was unclear whether the delay in opening links was due to a deliberate adjustment or a bug.

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