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Twitter is The First Social Media Network In The U.S. To Permit Cannabis Ads

Twitter became the first social media network to allow cannabis companies to sell their brands and products in the US on Wednesday.


On Meta-owned platforms, advertisers are allowed to promote hemp products, but not THC or CBD products, with restrictions on geo-targeting and content. After New York State legalized cannabis for adults, TikTok refused to allow the state to run public service ads.


Cannabis advertisers on Twitter will still need to adhere to certain advertising restrictions. Advertisers are only allowed to target consumers in places where they are authorized to promote cannabis products and services. In addition, advertisements may not advocate or suggest the sale of cannabis, with the exception of certain CBD products.


Advertisers are not permitted to target or appeal to users under the age of 21. Twitter also prohibits ads from using cannabis or making health and efficacy claims.


According to Twitter’s own data, tweets about cannabis have overtaken tweets about pets and cooking, as well as tweets about wine and coffee.

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