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This Is Why You Are Still Awaiting Bing AI

Microsoft started queuing for its Bing AI preview a week ago, and after 1 million people joined within 48 hours, the company is now explaining why it will take a while to open it up to millions of users.


Microsoft is testing the Bing AI service in 169 countries around the world, and according to the company, priority will be given to users of Bing and Edge, as well as those who install the Bing mobile app. That’s why Bing momentarily topped the App Store rankings last week.


“If you’re on a waiting list, please be patient,” says Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s chief of consumer marketing. “As stated at launch, we plan to reach millions of users in the next few weeks. We only have one week!”


The current Bing AI preview is also limited to Microsoft Edge, though there are plans to expand to more browsers in the future. “We want to roll it out to all browsers over time,” says Mehdi.


Currently, multiple million people are waiting to access the new Bing chatbot, while early accessors are uncovering its secrets and bugs. While you wait for your unique invitation, check out our first look at the new Bing.

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