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05 App Ideas That Haven’t Been Made Yet in 2023

Currently, the mobile application market is expanding at a rapid pace. Using app ideas that have gone viral, app developers are creating amazing applications that make our lives better and better. Plus, they’ve given us access to virtually everything, including online schooling, dining, shopping, video chats, and meetings.


Even during the pandemic days when we were confined to our homes, mobile apps remained one of our favorite forms of entertainment. Smartphone applications have made everything accessible with a click. If we need a solution to a problem or a means to fulfill a desire, we simply pick up our mobile devices and get them instantly. What else do we want this day?


It is great that we are constantly getting new ideas, but you should know that it is quite difficult to develop a new concept according to people’s needs. This is because the mobile app industry is growing increasingly competitive on a daily basis. So, developing a great app concept will require a lot of effort. Check out our latest blog post for a complete list of mobile app ideas that haven’t been made yet.


5 Creative and Incredible App Ideas That Haven’t Been Made Yet


Below are 5 original Android and iOS app ideas that haven’t been made yet but could be developed quickly.


1. Maps and Navigation App ideas to help Travelers

Maps and Navigation App


Everyone recognizes Google Maps as one of the best navigation tools for Android. According to one of the leading SEO firms, PageTraffic, in addition to displaying maps, Google Maps also recommends local ATMs, gas stations, restaurants, and other locations.


Such innovative Android app concepts are extremely beneficial for tourists.

Advantages of Navigation App:


  • Transportation planning
  • Instructions with precise turn-by-turn instructions
  • Offline maps.
  • Voice assistance
  • Lane guidance


2. Healthcare and Telehealth App Concept

Healthcare and Telehealth App


Until the advent of telemedicine, it was not possible to provide healthcare treatment to people living in remote locations or far away. People no longer enjoy leaving the comfort of their homes and traveling to clinics for consultations.


With a conversion rate of 68.3% for medical apps and 58.8% for healthcare applications, it has become one of the best iOS app ideas.


Healthcare-oriented application features:


  • Simple registration and login
  • Profile Research
  • Placement planning
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Multiple categories and filters


3. Share a Book Request

Share a Book Request App


Developing a social networking application for book lovers or bibliophiles is one of the new app ideas. Libraries are usually difficult to find for book lovers, especially those living in rural areas or villages. Nevertheless, the concept of creating this kind of application can promote good relations in the community of book lovers.


This software is a platform for book collectors and sharers to collect and exchange books. With the help of this application, readers from different regions can hold discussions, arrange meetings and host literary gatherings among other activities.


This application will help readers to build an online library of e-books and facilitate the exchange of printed books. Apple supports utility-specific apps. Therefore, you must engage an iOS developer.

4. App for restaurant reservations

App for restaurant reservations


As this is the era of romantic dates and outings, this app concept will surely be a hit and never become obsolete. Given these trends, everyone who goes on a tour wants it to be organized and organized well. After all, it is usually difficult to get a nice private area on the weekend.


Therefore, one should build an app with features that allow users to reserve tables efficiently. Looking at case studies of restaurant reservation apps can provide more insight. Try to provide users with specific benefits, such as discounts and rebates that will benefit the user and add value to the app.


5. Home/Natural Medicine App Ideas

Home/Natural Medicine App Ideas


Do you remember that, in the past, our grandmothers often prescribed various home remedies? Since our ancestors are no longer with us, it is impossible to have continuous access to these precious remedies.


Still, you can deal with the problem of people who want such conventional medical treatment. You should hire an app developer to create a mobile healthcare application for conventional treatment.


Don’t forget that a specific app should include functions that suggest all the home remedies depending on the regional and cultural areas. Programmers should design your application to recommend medications based on the user’s location.


The application should also classify drugs according to symptoms and diseases. A “Call a Doctor” button can help visitors communicate more effectively.


Final Wording


These mobile app ideas will be extremely popular in 2023, just like they were last year. Thus, it is up to you to choose one of these strategies and get ready to make 2023 more productive than ever. In addition to the 5 app concepts mentioned above, you can work on thousands of other app ideas that haven’t been made yet and to be implemented.

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