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Best Upcoming Phones 2023: Features And Specs Of Latest Smartphones

Want to track every smartphone release like a hawk? Your schedule must have been packed throughout the past year. There have been a multitude of gleaming new cellphones, ranging from inexpensive powerhouses to foldable phones. But you’re probably here to keep up with what’s coming, so here’s our guide to the finest upcoming phones 2023.


Upcoming Phones 2023 Release Info & Specs


We’ve compiled the confirmed releases, likely launches, and rumored unveilings for upcoming phones 2023 so that you can stay ahead of the curve.


1.      Apple iPhone 15


There are few credible rumours concerning the iPhone 15. Apple’s launches and release dates are, thankfully, extremely regular. We’d love to see the gorgeous Dynamic Island notch implemented on the iPhone 15 entry-level handsets. We would also want to see 8K video recording (because why not?) and a periscope zoom camera to better match the lossless 10x optical zoom provided by the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.


According to the most recent rumours, the iPhone 15 Ultra could be introduced in place of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Time will reveal whose predictions are accurate. In the interim, the iPhone 14 Pro Max continues to reign supreme in the Apple universe.


2.      Google Pixel Fold


What is the mysterious Pixel Fold? Depending on who you question, you will receive a wide variety of responses. Others projected the release of a standalone Pixel Fold device by the end of 2021. The most recent information is that Google will not unveil the Fold, at least not in its current form.


What will Google’s foldable’s specifications entail? Even less certain is that. If it follows the pattern established by the Pixel 6 and continued by the Pixel 7 Pro, you can anticipate a sleek, premium appearance with an Android UI optimized for a folding arrangement.


3.      Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5


Given that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is Samsung’s finest folding phone to date, it would be a shame for the company to stop there. They are highly unlikely to do so. We are therefore eager to see what the Z Fold 5 has to offer. We have got a little rumor about the new version of Samsung Galaxy Z. But, we would want to see an even thinner design, faster charging, and an integrated S-Pen for drawing and doodling on its wide foldable display.


4.      Xiaomi 13


The Xiaomi 13 series may have already been introduced on Xiaomi’s home land, but we expect it to leave China later this year. The standard model includes a 6.4-inch AMOLED display with an aluminium frame and either glass or leather backing, whilst the premium Xiaomi 13 Pro features curved glass and a more rounded design.


Both will include Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processors, adequate Memory, and ample storage, although photographers will be especially interested in the Pro. In addition to a 50MP zoom lens and 50MP ultrawide lens, the 50MP primary camera boasts a 1-inch sensor for dreamlike bokeh blur and exceptional low-light performance. In addition to 120W cable charging, wireless recharging is anticipated.


5.      Sony Xperia 1 V


Sony’s phone division has been very quiet thus far in 2023, but rumours indicate a fifth-generation flagship is imminent. Expect a more efficient Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor this time around. The last phone’s CPU overheating hindered its performance and ability to record 4K video.


It is currently unknown whether Sony will employ the 1-inch sensor it co-developed with Xiaomi, or remain with a smaller sensor. The single hardware leak currently circulating says that the time-of-flight and RGB IR sensors have been removed, leaving three lenses. Expect a pair of powerful telephoto and ultrawide lenses, as well as a professional-grade camera application.


6.      Samsung Galaxy S23


The information circulating online about Samsung’s upcoming flagship is based on hearsay, although many anticipate that these handsets will have considerable hardware upgrades while keeping the same design language. The Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus, and Galaxy S23 Ultra may have quicker charging, a main camera with more pixels, and a better front-facing camera. Some wager that these gadgets will be available in January or February 2023, which would make them the earliest new smartphones to be released in the near future.


Due to their larger screens, increased internal storage, and absence of the battery drainage problems the Galaxy S22 line has had, these new mobile phones may be more expensive. Also, it is anticipated that these smartphones would include 12 GB of RAM, allowing users to easily move between apps without any pauses or delays. The 5G network might also support these Galaxy devices.




Due to the rapid advancement of smartphones, there is always something waiting in the wings. Soon after spotting the most recent smartphone, there is anticipation for the next big thing.


Here, we examine the upcoming phones 2023 that have not yet been released.

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