Maintenance and administration service of a WordPress website

SunnyAdi's team is made up of WordPress top experts narrowly specialized in this domain, located in four countries and has, up to now, worked on over 7000 projects. We have over a decade of experience that allows us to be a support to company executives, agencies, and website owners. Our primary goal is to enable managing your web location so that you can focus on your business.

We are passionate about WordPress, we breathe, read, and think about it even on holidays, because, for us, it is not merely a job, but an interest, passion, and pleasure. It is what we love doing, in order to ensure the success of our clients.

Why is it important to maintain a WordPress website

Each next version of the WP platform or plugins means an improved edition – improved when it comes to security, functionality, design. It is important to understand that, after a certain period, malicious entities often try to use perceived vulnerability, if one exists. Luckily, highly professional developers behind WordPress CMS act fast and make the required changes on your website by elevating it to the new version of the platform or a plugin.

WordPress administration company

How we maintain and what are our activities during the administration of the platform, plugins, and content

We can accept the maintenance of the website built by our company or if a custom WP theme was used, prior to considering third-party projects if all security and technical conditions are fulfilled.

WordPress website maintenance represents activities with the aim of the platform, and WordPress plugins, to be updated to the latest version, if possible, as well as regular backup that would ensure the possibility of quick reactions.

Benefits of regular maintenance and updating

  1. Monitoring and backup

    Monitoring and tracking WordPress website performances, as well as backup files and database.

  2. Notifications

    Notifications of errors and improvement suggestions allow freedom to concentrate on your primary business.

  3. Platform upgrade

    Upgrading Content Management System (WordPress CMS).

  4. Plugins updating

    Plugins and WP theme updating allow safer and more optimized web presentation or an online shop.

  5. Security

    Upgrade of WP platform, theme and plugins, backup data, and the application of the best security practices are key to a safe and continued web display.

  6. Consultations

    We are at your disposal for consultations regarding hosting provider, contacts, and improvement suggestions.

WordPress Multisite support

We support WordPress Multisite and WordPress Multi-Network. Due to different uses, and diverse base structures and variations of plugins and themes, it is necessary to first review the existing infrastructure and based on that provide a more specific answer.

The main reasons for hiring a professional team of administrators

  • Saves time and money
  • Leaves you the freedom to concentrate on your main business
  • You get competent experts in the area
  • Clients are our partners
  • We help you communicate with third-parties, such as web hosting services
  • Prevention helps you avoid potential website halt that would badly influence brand image and search results ranking

What if your website has been hacked?

We continually monitor clients’ websites, using security scanning that detects suspicious files. Usual problems are also manually checked whenever relevant. Unfortunately, even with proactive monitoring, no one can predict every security problem.

It is possible that your computer is compromised, and that you upload a picture that carries an entrance for unwanted visitors on your website. During the day, it is possible that some of the plugins have a safety gap, but that the update arrives sometime later. In case there is a security issue, our goal is to promptly respond during the working hours. Your security problems are of our top priority compared to others.

In case your website is hacked, we offer a service of cleaning and fixing a one-off hacked website, and the offer is made based on the website’s condition and size, i.e. the number of working hours required to get the website up and running.

Contact us for the maintenance of your website

If you have made a decision to hire a professional agency that will take care of your website, you have come to the right place.