Google AdWords advertising

Million of people use Google ads, which represent the most important financing segment of Google corporation and Google Adwords is its most important marketing product.

Google AdWords is an advertising system which presents a mix of analytics, statistics and rankings. A system of paid ads, the ratio of clicks and budget, investments and visits which are precisely targeted by location and most important thing, your ad appears only for a keyword / phrase you choose.

Google advertising advantages are:

  • Your ad will appear only if someone search for a term that you specify.
  • Your ad appears at the top of the SERP.
  • You decide about the budget amount.
  • You can select the charging option, where you pay only when someone clicks on your ad (Pay Per Click).
  • You decide the geographic location where the ad should appear.
  • You have excellent tools for keyword analysis and keyword popularity.
  • You have a complete insight into detail analytics that shows every segment of the campaign.
  • In addition to Google, your ad can appear on sites of independent partners, which allow this option.
  • YouTube is also a part of Google Corporation and you can create video ads on this powerful platform.
  • Allocation of your investments from campaign to campaign (control investments).

Google AdWords advertising services

If you want to start a new Google campaign, which will be led by a professional team which will reach for you a maximum conversion in a short time, Sunnyadi is your ideal partner.

The starting point of the campaign is consulting, where we acquaint ourselves with your business, select the most relevant keywords and analyze your competition. All that is needed to create the best possible campaign for you.

Click to success


  • Creating a new campaign
  • Management of current campaigns
  • Restructuring of existing campaigns


  • At any time you can see the campaign progress
  • Access Google Analytics for 24h
  • Access Google Adwords for 24h
Sunnyadi is a partner whom you can trust.
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