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Leaflet or flyer (also spelt as flier) is a small- or medium-sized piece of paper, one-sided or double-sided, and often with an advertising or informative purpose. The most common is A6 format (10.5 x 14.8 cm in size). A flyer should present the basic information about your company and products or services you offer. It must not be overcrowded with information and colors because it leads to a counter-effect. An effective flyer with a simple but striking design leaves the best impression on your prospective clients.

How we do it

Research and planning.

Your brochure needs to say something to a certain market. Whether this is to inform, sell or sign-up, it needs to accomplish a task. We’ll look into what’s going to work best for you (it might not be that A4 12-pager you were thinking about).


Our creatives work across Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign to design your awesome new brochure. We can work with the assets you supply or help you source photography and craft your copy.

Brainstorming & concepts.

Pencils out. All our brochure design projects start life as sketches on paper. We work loosely, exploring creative directions and concepts for your brochure before we get anywhere near a Mac. This means we cover a lot of creative ground without burning the budget.

Artwork and Print.

Never scrimp on the print! The final art working of your brochure gets it ready for production – we can help you look at all production options – from budget to beautiful.

Order flyer design

Due to their small size and ease of sharing them with people, flyers enable getting to information quickly and distributing them to a vast number of people. They can be designed and printed in all sizes and formats and are a wise choice for presenting special offers, event organization or other services. Our team of professionals designs flyers with due care because we believe in the power of small formats. What about you?

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