Business cards

A business card is a short form of your business communication with your clients. It is widely accepted that a business card is your companys first presentation to its prospective customers and therefore has to be professional and effective. Business card design can be simple, serious and sophisticated or innovative and creative.

Unique business card design

With your ideas and instructions, and our professionalism, PopArt Studio team creates business cards that will attract customers to your business. Back in the days, the two golden rules for business cards design were that its dimensions should not exceed the size of 90 x 50 mm and that there should be no more than two colors. However, business card design has turned into a real art and the emergence of non-standard formats helps to single out in the plethora of others.

business card example

Business card design process

A business card can be one- or two-sided and embellished with numerous details that maximize its layout:

  • More than 2 colors,
  • Lettering and typography,
  • Gold printing,
  • Paper thickness,
  • Matte and glossy powder coating,
  • Transparent plastic material instead of cardboard, etc.

PopArt Studio’s team designs business cards based on your needs and new ideas. As such, we present your data clearly and creatively, and effectively introduce you to your clients.

Check out our business card portfolio.

Order a business card design

There are many business cards, but none will have what you have when they are dedicated to our designers where they can show their creativity. It will embed in all the knowledge, skills, and skill of selecting and integrating visual elements, creating business cards to help you to appear with clients and leave a great impression.

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