Book cover and layout design

Book cover design should present the content of a book without revealing too much. It is very important for graphic designers to know the genre of the book and what its intended audience is so as to adjust the covers to their needs. Thick cardboard and all kinds of cover finishing, such as imprinting, improve the general impression in the buyer.

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Your book cover should send a clear message. In general, nonfiction speaks to the brain while fiction speaks to the heart. Novel book covers do great when they send an emotional message congruent with the story, while nonfiction book covers that are witty and intriguing sell well. Since you’ve selected your title, you should have a clear idea of what message you want your book cover to send.

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Creative and original design approach

A simple typeset usually implies having a poor design, which may or may not be the case. Small but creative and sophisticated details will encircle a complete impression about a book and will add value.

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Our creative team designs book layouts and book covers with special attention, adjusting them to book genre, theme, content and the field. We create stylized and attractive cover pages, paying special attention to the images, colors, fonts and other graphic elements. If you have a manuscript ready for typesetting but are in need of a visual solution for the covers, we are here to help.

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