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You Can Expect ChatGPT On A Slack Soon!

There’s a new participant in your Slack workspace: ChatGPT.


Salesforce and OpenAI unveiled a ChatGPT integration for Slack on Tuesday. Users of the popular Salesforce-owned messaging service will soon be able to use OpenAI’s generative AI technology within Slack.


Several features of the ChatGPT app for Slack are compatible with the platform’s existing user interface. Users will be able to quickly find information about projects and topics, quickly summarize chat channels or threads, and yes, even create messages, replies, and notes thanks to AI technology.


Millions of businesses rely on Slack on a daily basis. Teams use it to replace emails, meetings and water cooler discussions, especially now that firms are working remotely. Using Slack Connect, firms even use it to connect with clients and other external parties. But since you currently use Slack, you probably already know all this.


With the exception of Bing’s new collaboration with Microsoft’s OpenAI, ChatGPT has primarily been used to terrorize the Internet with its clever yet conversational writing and responses. But now that OpenAI has opened up its API to other developers, businesses looking to improve existing products or create entirely new ones using growing AI technology can easily do so. . Instacart and Snap, Inc. made announcements about its connection with OpenAI technology last week. A recent example of how AI is exploding in the workplace is Slack’s adoption of ChatGPT capabilities.

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