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7 UX/UI Trends For 2023 That will Amaze Your Visitors

The global e-commerce market has increased almost four times since 2014, and it will keep growing. It will amount (to $7,391 billion in US currency, 2025) Researchers from Carlton University claim that when we buy, design has a significant impact on our choices. And it makes no difference whether we purchase web development services from an actual store or online. These two facts together show us how important strong UX/UI trends design is for web – based programs, whether it’s an app for paying taxes or an e-commerce website.


We’ve compiled the most popular directions in mobile and desktop design to assist you in sorting out the current design tendencies and selecting what will work best for your organization. Hopefully, you will learn something from this list of the top 7 UI/UX trends.


7 UX/UI Trends For 2023


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ü  3D pictures


ü  Bold color selections








ü  Dark and anti-light modes




The global number of websites is close to two billion, and there is fierce rivalry with visitors’ attention. You can provide the information people want to see on the first screen in order to convert them into paying clients. Alternatively, you can nudge them toward scrolling to the bottom of your webpage by piqued interest, and then walk them through all the features, advantages, and benefits of your product.


There are more opportunities for graphic design and motion than for just copy to draw users in. On a website, check out this fantastic illustration of scroll-telling: While the user scrolls down, a 3D automobile model spins and unlocks its doors.


3D pictures


We’ve been particularly aware of 3D graphics on social media. However, we believe that the ‘pleasant corporate illustration’ style that became popular in 2020–2021 will start to disappear, making room for something new. We notice that Digital marketing agency and designers are attempting to present images in more interesting ways by returning to photos (but editing them to be vibrant and lively), employing clumsy graphics, or adding 3D objects to websites or apps to enhance or beautify the content. The latter, in my opinion, will keep expanding throughout the course of the upcoming year because they closely related it to the creation and uptake of VR/AR technology.


Bold color selections


The usage of striking color schemes and patterns like gradients that evoke a retro or nostalgic sense is one of the UX/UI trends and expectations on this list that you are probably already familiar with.


The color schemes and patterns from the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and Y2K eras are also currently popular. In particular, strong, contrasting colors and gradients are becoming much more popular once again in website design for UX/UI.


Personalization and customization


Users become irate when they don’t get what they want out of your software, since they expect it to be as individualized as possible.


By requesting that your user fill out some forms, you may create a unique user experience. For instance, if you run a pedometer app, you may ask your users about their age, sex, weight, and height and then use that information to tell them how fast they’re moving, how many steps they’re doing, and how many calories they’re burning.




Micro-interactions are the foundation of contemporary applications and websites. You interact with the material, application, and another user by clicking the “Like” button next to the post you like. Thanks to interactivity, the user completes an activity that is required and strengthens their bond with your website by feeling involved and in control.


Micro scrolling, loading, hovering, clicking, and filling out forms can start -. Make your website’s micro-interactions more innovative or pleasant if you want to break out.


Performance design


The primary goal of commercial design is to increase sales, and the best tool for encouraging people to make purchases from your online store or use your app for an extended period is behavioral design. Websites that provide products or services at premium pricing might accentuate their exclusivity by using rich, expensive hues. Baby-related retail establishments will favor soft pastel tones instead. They display positive customer reviews on this website to reassure you that you’re making the proper decision to buy from it.


Dark and anti-light modes


You’ll be familiar with this UX/UI trends, which is likely to become more prevalent on websites in 2023.The visual design trend known as “dark mode,” or “anti-light mode,” actually prioritizes the user. Dark mode’s less saturated backgrounds make it simpler to see material without straining your eyes, as opposed to dazzling white ones that are.


Websites in dark settings are more enticing to many users since they are significantly easier on the eyes, especially at night, compared websites with text on light themes.



As usual, UX/UI trends will come and go, but the overall message is that more than ever, we will see a focus on simplicity and clear communication of your service or product. Focus on your target audience, focus on your goals and make sure the interface reflects these two things. Also interesting to note that people like dark colors, patterns and animated effect.



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