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Get started with YouTube Shopping: How do we use YouTube to sell Product

YouTube is a great platform for selling products online. It’s easy and free, but there are a few things you should know before you get started. If you follow these strategies for using YouTube shopping videos to sell online, you will successfully market your products on YouTube and generate sales!

What is YouTube, and How can it be Utilized to Promote Online Products?

YouTube is the most popular platform for sharing videos online. It was founded by three former PayPal employees in February 2005 and has since grown into a major video platform that hosts millions of movies uploaded every day. YouTube is a social media platform that allows YouTube Shopping to get its message across and sell its products. You can do marketing research by seeing what others are saying about your competition.

Since YouTube has the largest audience of any website, it can be useful for selling products online. The platform has over 2.6 billion unique visitors per month, making it the third most popular website on the web after Google and Facebook. Some people use it for fun, while many businesses use it as an alternative platform to sell things online.

One of the best ways to use it for your business is to create short product demonstration videos. YouTube channels can be effectively used to sell things, promote your brand and get more online customers.

How to Begin with YouTube Shopping?

Google has made it easier for businesses in-shape of YouTube shopping as an effort to compete directly with Amazon. To get started, you’ll need the following:

  • A YouTube account (if you don’t already have one). Read here for a step-by-step guide to creating a YouTube Business Account.
  • An online store or landing page. Search for an e-Commerce website building to have a unique site for your YouTube shopping journey.
  • A content strategy for e-commerce that includes video as one of its techniques.
  • How to produce high-quality movies for your store? Sure, you can use your iPhone, but if you’re using video to sell things, we recommend that you have a dedicated camera and tripod set up so you can capture your products professionally.
  • A Google AdWords account to run paid ads on YouTube. YouTube ads are controlled by Google’s ad network, so if you want to promote, you’ll need to create a Google Ads account.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Marketing Techniques for YouTube Shopping

YouTube shopping involves three processes: creating videos, getting traffic, and promoting your channel.

Let’s examine these three steps in more depth.

Step 1: Create Videos

You can’t promote yourself effectively on YouTube unless you make your own videos. It can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re not comfortable in front of the camera. But, once you have good recording equipment and some ideas, you’ll find that making videos is easier than you might expect.

The type of videos you should create depends on your product. Here are some video concepts to consider:

Address Common Questions

Before and after the sale, your clients will have many inquiries about your product (or general product area). Make a list of these questions and answer them in a video to improve the effectiveness of your YouTube shopping approach.

Describe the Production Procedure

Behind-the-scenes videos do exceptionally well on YouTube, especially in terms of branding. If you manufacture your own goods, it’s a good idea to demonstrate the manufacturing process in depth. This will reassure buyers of the quality of your goods and provide insight into your corporate culture.

Include User Narratives

How do your actual clients use your product? Interviewing users and sharing their stories can be a great way to create video content.

Contact frequent users and get their permission to feature on your channel. It is a great branding tool that works well with customer validation. This form of content is the basis of e-commerce-oriented content on YouTube.

Share Ratings Created by Other Shoppers

Your YouTube account shouldn’t just contain your own videos. Also, it can share and promote content created by others, especially video reviews created by influencers. Often, you can find such reviews by Googling YouTube for your product name.

Use YouTube Shorts to Engage your Audience

If you’re interested in Internet culture and want your product to go viral, you can create short, catchy YouTube Shorts. These are short-form (up to 60 seconds) vertical videos that you can record from within the YouTube app on your mobile device.

Shorts are great for:

  • Giving simple life hacks and advice
  • Making comedies
  • Any information that can be reduced to a few simple steps or pieces of data.

Step 2: Attract Visitors to your Site

After creating the video, the next step is to send the video viewers to your website or landing page. YouTube offers many options for users to link to your video content. Let’s review some of them.

Add Links to Video Descriptions

If you want to understand YouTube shopping, you must master creating great video descriptions.

YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world, and people use it to research most topics when they want to learn something, choose a product, or investigate entertainment options.

Add end screens

End screens are overlays that appear at the end of your YouTube video and compel your viewers to take action. End screens may be included in the last 5-20 seconds of the video.

These are often used to promote other videos on the channel or to increase subscribership. You can use end screens as an online retailer to drive customers to your online store or product pages.

Step 3: Promote Your YouTube Videos

Like other social media marketing channels, YouTube also offers a promoting system to grow your audience. Once you’ve created and uploaded your videos to YouTube, it’s time to promote your channel.

Depending on your marketing skills, this can be the easiest or hardest aspect of selling on YouTube. Let’s examine several strategies that you can use at any time, regardless of your skill level.

Participate in the Community

YouTube comments are often a great source of views. Connecting with your community and answering their questions will go a long way in promoting your business.

Try not only to respond to comments posted on your videos but also to videos created by other artists on comparable topics.

Invest in YouTube SEO

As we have discussed before, YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world. YouTube shopping videos also appear in Google searches.

Advertise on YouTube

In addition to promoting your content on other platforms, you should also market yourself on YouTube.

Promote YouTube advertisements

These steps are best for long-term effects. If you want to build your channel faster, consider running ads.

You can create video campaigns in Google AdWords to engage users on YouTube:

Skippable in-stream Ads: They take place before, during or after other videos on YouTube and can be skipped. After 5 seconds users can avoid these ads.

Non-skippable in-stream Ads: 15-second videos that appear before, during, or after other YouTube videos. Viewers cannot skip these ads.

Video Discovery Ads: These ads are placed alongside related YouTube videos, as part of YouTube search results, or on the YouTube mobile homepage, where viewers can find them.

Bumper Ads: Ads of up to 6 seconds that play before, during or after another video. Audiences cannot skip these ads.


You might be thinking that it’s time to abandon the idea of using YouTube shopping for product marketing. To promote your products online, you can still create a video advertising campaign using interesting videos and catchy messaging lines.

With our help, you can create an effective strategy that will increase your ability to attract customers. If you’re considering this or if you just want some help incorporating YouTube into your digital marketing strategy to increase sales, give us a call right away.

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